“Science for the future”- The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge:Japanese version


A seminar to praise the publication of the Japanese version of “The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge,” by Tetsuo Hatsuda, the Program Director of iTHEMS and a professor of Theoretical physics in RIKEN will be held online.

The English version was written by Abraham Flexner, the founding director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and the man who helped bring Albert Einstein to the United States, alongside a new companion essay by Robbert Dijkgraaf.  This is a provocative book about why “useless” science often leads to humanity’s greatest technological breakthroughs.

The seminar will be accompanied by Professor Koji Hashimoto, Professor Particle Physics Theory Group Department of physics at Osaka University.

Aiko Teranishi, indigo, Inc. will be supporting the seminar as a moderator. The seminar is only in Japanese.

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