indigo help launch sold gel nail brand, “7nana”


Brand “7nana,” launched on 14th July, are for women, always busy at work, at home, bearing kids, and being a woman.
We targeted them to be stimulated, relaxed, revived, etc by receiving all sorts of feeling from their fingertips.
Though a sticker, made the gel nail design as fashionable as it can be, having Japanese Nail artists to design.

indigo, Inc. helped BIT, Corp by brand target strategy building, Assigning the nail artists and the creative, Creating the package and the products themselves, even checking the colours when printing, copywriting of each design, PR, and all the needs in launching a product.



The gel nail sticker brand started with the idea “Easiest and fastest beautiful nail, wherever you are.”
Please try them at your home.



>Produce Team:
-Branding: CHERRY.Inc, Rabbit, Inc.
-Camera: Bresson Lens
-Hair & Makeup: Mahiro Watanabe
-Catalog: Cotagra
-PR Support: Atsuko Ishizuka

Thanks to
-Nail Artist: be born Yukiko Asano, ungu Nagisa Uehara